Access for all: contextualising HIV treatment as prevention in Swaziland

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Access for All: Article about the contextualisation of HIV Treatment as Prevention in Swaziland, by PhD researcher and MaxART’s social science coordinator Eva Vernooij and colleagues, launched coming July during AIDS 2016 in a special edition of AIDS Care.


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  1. williams

    October 20, 2017

    My name is Williams from U.K I have noting much say rather than God bless Pastor Benny Hinn, the greatest pastor I have ever meant in my life who pray for me. i was HIV positive for the past 3yrs, i have went to different places for treatment even some witches native dr but they all made away with the little money i was having with me until i meant Benny Hinn, who told me not to worried that the Lord has taken control of my situation. but today my brethered i'm happy to say that the Lord has done it. i'm now HIV negative. So my fellow brethered, am here to let you all to know that there is no problems the Lord can't handle. if you're out crying because of the plague that enslave you, please cry no more all you need to do is to believe in God. Even a women given a testimony of how this same pastor, Benny Hinn, pray for her and her asthma disappeared. so if you need his prayer email him on THANK YOU ALL.. WILLIAMS.