E-news - December 2016
Perhaps a bit confusing but yes, you are reading the STOP AIDS NOW! e-news. As you can see we have changed names and have a new branding. STOP AIDS NOW! moves forward under the name Aidsfonds. In this newsletter you can read why we decided to do so.

Please note that the STOP AIDS NOW! website remains online and up to date until a new Aidsfonds website will be launched in the course of 2017.

What else to find in this edition:
Sparked Women has kicked off: an exciting new project based on two sustainable business models to make young women less susceptible to HIV infections;
Meet Brenda, who is determined to create change in young people’s lives affected by HIV. A determination strengthened by her own experiences in childhood;
A wonderful comic strip illustrated by a Malawian cartoonist, in which important lessons learned from our Healthy Young People project in Malawi are captured;

New resources and much more!


Enjoy reading this newsletter!

Increased income and fewer health risks – Sparked Women!
AIDS is still the leading cause of death for young women. Every year, 390,000 adolescent girls and young women are infected with HIV - more than 1,000 every day.

Sparked Women, a new project of Aidsfonds, kicked off in Kampala recently and aims to reduce new HIV infections in women aged 15-24 in Uganda by tackling the high unemployment rates among them. Successful micro-entrepreneurs will benefit from sustainable livelihoods and income, savings and self-confidence, enabling them to make safer sexual health choices and access health services when needed.
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“I feel there are more young people out there who need someone to stand for them”
Building on her own experiences in childhood, Azizuyo Brenda Facy is determined to create change in young people’s lives in particular those vulnerable to or living with HIV.

Brenda holds a diploma in Law and after a volunteer position she was recently appointed as project assistant at the International Community of Women living with HIV Eastern Africa. This organisation is implementing partner in the Sparked Women project.

“I feel there are more young people out there who need someone to stand for them.”  Meet this sparkling 23 years old from Uganda!
Meet Brenda
STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds going forward as Aidsfonds
We can stop the epidemic only if we focus on the people and regions most affected. And that is exactly where STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds enhance each other's strengths. We have been working together for some time and within the same organisation. Therefore we move forward under one name: Aidsfonds.

As Aidsfonds we can give more support in advocacy and capacity building in local communities. It enables us to give a louder voice to the groups most affected. We will still use all our knowledge and experience, while having the courage to demonstrate the success of an unconventional approach. We are determined to fast-track our efforts to put an end to AIDS in 2030.
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Stories of change from Malawi - comic strip
Earlier this year, 27 health care workers and teachers who were part of the Healthy Young People project in Malawi, shared their stories of change. Most important lessons learnt are captured in this comic strip, beautifully illustrated by a Malawian strip cartoonist. Healthy Young People aimed at improving young people's uptake of youth friendly services in two regions in Malawi.
Prof. Dr. Sheila Dinotshe Tlou (UNAIDS) was offered first copy of revised Planning & Support Tool
Professor Dr. Sheila Dinotshe Tlou, UNAIDS Regional Director of Eastern and Southern Africa, was offered the first copy of the revised Planning and Support Tool at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, July 2016.

She emphasized again the importance of quality SRHR education and HIV prevention programmes for youth: "We have to use this tool for applying existing evidence for making programs effective.  Moreover we need to ensure young people are empowered to make own decisions and access SRH services, exercise responsible citizenship and help create an enabling environment."
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What is your prevention method?
Although World AIDS Day is over, this catchy video of UNAIDS is still worth watching. Clap your hands!
Resource: Aiming High - 10 strategies for meaningful youth engagement
Practical guidelines for meaningful youth engagement for programmers, policymakers, civil society and others who wish to work with young people in an inclusive and equitable way. Examples of how the 10 strategies can be applied, drawn from the Link Up project, are given in five areas of meaningful youth engagement in SRHR and HIV integration. Also available in French.
Resource: Essential Packages Manual - SRHR Programmes for Young People
This comprehensive guide for successful SRHR programmes for young people is a starting point for managers, programme officers, monitoring and evaluation staff and others to critically review their programmes against proven standards of good practice, to identify gaps to improve to better serve young people, and to learn more about a holistic approach to programming that places young people at the centre. Published as an end product of the "Access, Services and Knowledge" programme (2013-2015).
Resource: Get on the Fast-Track: the life-cycle approach to HIV
On World AIDS Day UNAIDS has launched Get on the Fast-Track: the life-cycle approach to HIV. In the report, it announces that 18.2 million people are now on antiretroviral therapy, but also warns that 15-24 years of age is a highly dangerous time for young women. The report focuses on taking a life-cycle approach – to find solutions for everyone at every stage of life.
Resource: Rethinking the family in the context of care for adolescents living with HIV in Swaziland
Findings of this fieldwork suggest that the meaning of the family is constantly evolving and transforming based on changing needs of, and expectations by, adolescents in different contexts and moments of the care continuum. The study was part of the Maximizing ART for Better Health and Zero New HIV infections project (MaxART).

New challenges and unmet needs of children and adolescents living and ageing with HIV/AIDS
January 18-21, 2017 - Bucharest, Romania

7th International Workshop on HIV & Women
February 11-12, 2017 - Seattle, USA

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)
February 13-16, 2017 - Seattle, USA

12th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence
June 4-6,  2017 - Miami, USA

9th IAS Conference on HIV Science
July 23-26, 2017 - Paris, France

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