E-zine Young and in control

December 22, 2015

In 'Young and in Control' 7 young people from different countries in Africa and Asia show the importance of the active participation of themselves and their peers in the Access Service and Knowledge programme.

This online report is intended to inspire and encourage young people to stay or become involved in programmes that affect themselves, and to motivate adults to work with young people. Get inspired!

Also have a look at the video ‘work with us’ which is shown on the first page of the e-zine. This is a call of young people to work together in programmes for young people’s SRHR.

The Access, Services and Knowledge: what young people want, what young people need (ASK) programme is a joint initiative and aims to improve the SRHR of young people (15-24 years) by increasing young people’s uptake of SRH services. STOP AIDS NOW! has co-developed and is currently implementing the ASK programme in Kenya and Uganda.