IAPAC Controlling the HIV epidemic with ARVs

September 22, 2013 - September 24, 2013

Controlling the HIV Epidemic with Antiretrovirals: From Consensus to Implementation Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London The International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) fully embraced two biobehavioral HIV prevention interventions in 2012 – antiretroviral-based treatment as prevention (TasP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – calling for immediate integration of these interventions into the existing HIV armamentarium as a means of significantly curbing HIV incidence worldwide.

IAPAC made the announcement at the AIDS 2012 conference, where it unveiled a Consensus Statement entitled, “Controlling the HIV Epidemic with Antiretrovirals,” reflecting consensus reached by delegates of the inaugural Controlling the HIV Epidemic with Antiretrovirals evidence summit held last year in London. Click here to access the 2012 Consensus Statement.

While the concepts of TasP and PrEP have gained formidable ground since 2012, with numerous implementation and operational studies ongoing to investigate their utility, there remains much to learn about and plan for as we prepare for their integration into clinical practice. In addition, there are numerous challenges facing a variety of stakeholders as we seek to achieve the impact these biomedical prevention interventions – as part of a high impact prevention approach – promise in the third decade of the HIV pandemic.

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