Lobby and Information Exchange in Networks

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) participates in the Dutch CABA Working group, the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS, and the Better Care Network, to jointly lobby, exchange information, and build expertise.

Dutch CABA Working Group

The Children Affected by AIDS (CABA) Working Group is an informal network of organisations and individuals in the Netherlands that have a commitment to children affected by AIDS. The Working Group aims to increase the quality, speed, and scale of right-based responses of the Dutch government and development organisations, through

  • advocacy and lobby to put CABA related issues on the agendas of Dutch politicians;
  • increase and exchange of expertise on CABA issues during annual expert meetings and workshops;
  • collaboration with other national and international networks with a focus on knowledge exchange and joint lobby; and
  • global expertise linkages.

Have a look at the flyer of the Dutch CABA Working Group

Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS brings together funders and technical experts from all over the world to advocate for the most effective policy lines, researches, and programmes for children. It believes that children need to be made a higher priority in the international response to HIV and AIDS. The Coalition expertly addresses gaps in knowledge and service systems, in order to improve the lives of children and their families. Biannually, prior to the International AIDS Conference, the Coalition’s symposium takes place.

Read more on www.ccaba.org

Better Care Network

Better Care Network is an international network of organisations that encourages collaboration and active exchange of information on children without adequate family care. It also advocates for technically sound policies and programmatic action on global, regional, and national levels. The Network is guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, and the Stockholm Declaration on Children and Residential Care. The International Better Care Network is affiliated to the Dutch Better Care Network.

Read more on www.bettercarenetwork.org and www.bettercarenetwork.nl


OVCsupport.net is a global hub for the exchange of experiences, practical knowledge, and tools on policy and programming related to children and HIV. It is particularly interesting for community organisations, non-governmental organisations, policy makers, donors, governments, and academics. The website’s content includes the latest news articles, an online library, and a platform for discussion and exchange. The site also publishes regular news bulletins for subscribers.

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