Nontlantla is an experienced trainer happy to support your organisation in improving SRHR education and HIV prevention programmes for young people. Meet Nontlantla!


Nontlantla Mkwanazi (31)


South Africa



Trainer since

I started training informally at loveLife in 2003 as volunteer (Mpintshi) and 2003 as a groundBreaker. Then I got an opportunity to go back to the training space in 2007 on a full time position as a business unit trainer at the loveLife call centre, I the did a few courses to understand the training environment as a professional. In 2012 I got an opportunity to be a National trainer that is responsible for training of trainers responsible for training at regional level.

My specialty as a trainer is

I have been training in the SRHR and HIV space and capacitating trainers to train (staff development).

My favourite memory of a training is

I got an opportunity to train staff from nearby company on HIV, and I discovered that even the most educated people did not understand HIV and they said things like “I would kill myself if I had HIV”. It made me realise that we sometimes miss the point by thinking that uneducated people are the most vulnerable while the educated lack information and still die while we plough money into the rural areas. I got insight about how we needed to do more in reaching out to workplaces if we really want to curb the HIV incidence rate.

Other trainers describe my qualities as

I have been described as:

A strong activist

Insightful and give people perspective

Strong facilitator


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