Prevention for youth

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) aims to improve the quality of HIV prevention programmes and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education for youth. To realise this, we make use of evidence-informed approaches.

"I know that I am not the only one for him. I want to use condoms but he said that he paid for my virginity, so we don’t use them. I find it very difficult to talk with him about condoms. And too embarrassing to get them in a clinic. In the future I think it will depend on the guy whether we use condoms." - Nqobile (19) from South Africa

Young people all over the world need support in building skills to negotiate safe sex , have an understanding about their rights and where to go for contraceptives, testing and treatment. How can you otherwise make healthy choices in life if nobody is giving you the right information?

Our approach

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are human rights. Yet, many people, in particular young persons and women, face significant barriers to obtain these rights. Millions of people are living with HIV or contract other sexually transmitted infections that are often preventable. In the past years, significant progress has been made in SRHR education and HIV prevention for youth, but still 40% of all new HIV infections occur among young people.

The quality of current SRHR education and HIV prevention programmes for young people is a matter of concern to Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) A 2007 review revealed that only 50% of existing programmes contributed to a decrease in sexual risk behaviour among young people. Evidence of what is known to be effective in education programmes is not widely implemented. Many programmes do not fully address the needs of young people or only narrowly focus on increasing knowledge. Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) aims to improve this.

Our activities