Psychosocial Support Strengthening in Malawi

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!), jointly with local organisations, increases the understanding and use of the Psychosocial Support Source Book for Vulnerable Children in Malawi by training service providers. The Source Book is an effective tool to strengthen the psychosocial support of children affected by HIV and AIDS.

The Psychosocial Support Project

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) and four organisations in Malawi collaborated in the Psychosocial Support (PSS) Project, which aimed to scale up psychosocial support activities in Malawi through linking and learning. Practice had shown that activities for orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) in Malawi, including those affected by HIV and AIDS, mainly addressed their physical and material needs, and only few organisations paid attention to their psychosocial wants. The PSS Project sought to increase the understanding of PSS issues, strategies, and interventions of service providers working with orphans and other vulnerable children. It also wanted to advance the integration of psychosocial support in the work of these service providers.

The PSS Project brought together and built on the experiences of Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) and four key organisations in Malawi: Network of Organizations for Vulnerable and Orphaned Children (NOVOC), YouthNet and Counselling (YONECO), Ecumenical Counselling Centre (ECC), and Eye of the Child. NOVOC was the lead organisation.

Training of service providers

One of the key products of the PSS Project is the Psychosocial Support Source Book for Vulnerable Children in Malawi, a practical guide developed by the project partners for service providers working with children in Malawi. The publication, issued in 2011, aims to improve psychosocial support services to orphans and other vulnerable children by bringing together available knowledge and experiences in a user-friendly and practical manner. The Source Book presents strategies and tools in the PSS service area in Malawi. Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) and its partners NOVOC and ECC will jointly work on increasing the understanding and use of the Source Book among civil society organisations in Malawi. Service providers will be trained in adequately utilising the Source Book.

Have a look at the Psychosocial Support Source Book to Vulnerable Children in Malawi