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    Planning and Support Tool for Empowering Approaches to SRHR Education with Young People

    This evidence and rights-based Planning and Support Tool helps organisations to identify how and what they can improve in order to have high quality HIV prevention and SRHR education programmes for young people in place. The fully revised second edition of this practical tool captures all up to date research findings and translated this evidence for practical use. The tool can be used to plan new interventions, but also to analyse existing interventions. The first edition of the tool is also available in French and Portuguese. more

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  • Managing HIV and AIDS in South Indian NGOs: Experiences and Lessons Learnt

    This end report of the applied research presents the experiences of the STOP AIDS NOW! project ‘Managing HIV and AIDS in the Workplace’ in 35 NGOs in South India that lasted from 2007 to 2010. STOP AIDS NOW!, March 2011. more

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  • Implementation and effects of the STOP AIDS NOW! project ‘Managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace’ in South Indian CSOs

    This report discusses the findings of the Applied Research (AR) Phase Two and Three of the STOP AIDS NOW! South India Project (SAN!SIP). The objectives of this phase are to measure the start of HIV and AIDS workplace policy (WPP) implementation and to focus on the effects of a WPP on staff members and organizations. more

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  • Managing HIV in the Workplace: A Guide for CSOs (Hindi version)

    HIV affects many families and communities. Instead of ignoring HIV in the workplace, we can take action to manage it, for the benefit of our staff and our work. This guide sets out why Civil Society Organisations need to manage HIV in their workplaces, in order to reduce the damage which HIV causes to their staff and their productivity. It addresses common emotional blocks to managing HIV in the workplace, and presents seven steps to developing a response. It also provides ideas for activities to manage HIV, and help on budgeting and financial issues. more

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  • TAPS Handbook (Hindi version)

    The TAPS module was designed for the selected organizations of SAN! SIP who wanted to scale up the same within their partner circles. 07 Organizations from within the 45 SAN! SIP partners were selected upon scrutiny to act as TAPS. One staff was identified in each of TAPS to be the facilitator in the partner circle. This module was developed to inform and train the selected staff to be fully equipped with required knowledge. This module talk about Basics of HIV, AIDS, STIs, Stigma and Discrimination, Gender, Internal Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS and subjects closely associated with managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace. more

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  • Fact sheet applied research: India, Phase 2

    STOP AIDS NOW! project: ‘Managing HIV and AIDS in the workplace’, in South India. Implementation and effects of HIV and AIDS workplace policies by STOP AIDS NOW! partner organisations in South India. Source: STOP AIDS NOW!, May 2010 more

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