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    Planning and Support Tool for Empowering Approaches to SRHR Education with Young People

    This evidence and rights-based Planning and Support Tool helps organisations to identify how and what they can improve in order to have high quality HIV prevention and SRHR education programmes for young people in place. The fully revised second edition of this practical tool captures all up to date research findings and translated this evidence for practical use. The tool can be used to plan new interventions, but also to analyse existing interventions. The first edition of the tool is also available in French and Portuguese. more

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  • UNAIDS World AIDS Day report 2012

    UNAIDS World AIDS Day report 2012 shows a more than 50% drop in new HIV infections across 25 countries since 2001. More than half of these countries are in Africa, the region most affected by AIDS. HIV infections among newborn children have also declined by 50%, meaning that prevention of mother-to-child-transmission is working, and eliminating new infections among children is within sights. In addition, the number of people with access to antiretroviral therapy increased by 63% in the last two years. And AIDS-related deaths fell by more than 25% between 2005 and 2011 globally. more

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  • UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2012

    In embracing the targets in the 2011 Political Declaration, countries committed to monitor and report on progress and challenges encountered in their national AIDS responses. To facilitate biennial reporting on national progress, UNAIDS collaborated with partners to develop a set of core indicators against which countries would report. more

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  • MaxART Newsletter edition 2, 2012

    MaxART publishes a newsletter every 6 months. In the newsletter we report on our progress and share the latest news on Treatment as Prevention and related topics. Read more about reaching out to men in this 2nd edition of the MaxART Newsletter. more

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  • Ourselves, Their Bodies - Issue Brief

    On the eve of the 2011 International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in Addis Ababa, STOP AIDS NOW!, the ATHENA Network, the AIDS Legal Network, and the Namibia Women’s Health Network convened a collaborative Think Tank in order to map emerging trends at the intersection of sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV, with a specific emphasis on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV. Our particular interest was to assess the state of the field in relation to violations of the rights of women living with HIV in sexual and reproductive healthcare settings. Given the current attention to and global consensus around the importance of integrating HIV and sexual and reproductive health, these violations pose a serious risk to the effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health and HIV integration efforts. more

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  • Let's support each other!

    A case study report on livelihoods and life skills activities of five Zambian organisations. STOP AIDS NOW!, June 2012 more

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