Training opportunities in Kampala and Amsterdam on quality HIV prevention programmes for young people

June 30, 2015

Recently a survey on capacity building needs was conducted among Dutch organisations supporting organisations in Africa working on HIV prevention and SRHR programmes for young people. The results of the survey reveiled among others the need for a checklist on quality standards to assess projects, a practical workshop in the Netherlands and training for partners in Africa.

A workshop will be organised on 15th of September 2015 in Amsterdam or The Hague; please contact Doortje ‘t Hart, senior advisor Children and AIDS at STOP AIDS NOW! for more information and for participation.

A list of trainers who can conduct in-depth trainings for partners in Africa is available. In Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania the trainers have planned to train and support 30 to 40 organizations in order to strengthen their sexuality education or HIV prevention programs for young people and work towards towards evidence- and rights-based sexual reproductive health education and HIV prevention for youth.

For more information and to register for the 4,5 and 7 days training, please contact Merian Musinguzi, training coordinator STOP AIDS NOW!. 

The checklist and the quality standards are available on this website. Also the full report on the survey on quality standards is available for download.