Training programme on gender, masculinity, women’s rights and HIV in Cameroon

May 21, 2014

The Network on Ethics, Law and AIDS in Cameroon will be leading a training programme this year on gender, masculinity, women’s rights and HIV. This project is a pilot part of a broader strategy to broaden collaboration with organisations in francophone Africa on integrating gender transformative approaches in their HIV work.

The goal of the training is to support these groups to integrate "gender transformative" approaches in their HIV work. Gender transformative approaches seek to promote gender equality and change discriminatory gender based attitudes, norms, and behaviours. As a basis for this training, the Network will be using the gender tools of STOP AIDS NOW!. They are also leading on developing the French language versions.

This training will be implemented in West Cameroon with 24 local organisations involved in the HIV response. This programme is supported through the Fondation de France and STOP AIDS NOW!. 

This article has appeared in the STOP AIDS NOW! E-news May 2014